Joseph Amiel Author of Star Time
Betrayal ended their affair, but not even marriages to other people can keep them apart. Bright, beautiful Christine Paskins is riding the fast track as a tough TV reporter - her passion for her work rivaled only by her love for news producer Greg Lyall. But when Greg's uncompromising dream of power is brought tantalizingly close by the attentions of the CEO's socialite daughter, their lives explode in a tangle of passion and heartbreak, dreams and desires, love and betrayal that spans a decade. With keen insight and scathing humor, Star Time exposes the voraciously ambitious people who provide the TV shows America watches - and what they will do to get what they want. From the boardrooms of Manhattan to the bedrooms of Hollywood, uppermost in everyone's mind is the same thing - the ratings - until, in a riveting climax, an explosive act of violence puts lives on the line and on the screen and careers are made and broken. Star Time is a gripping, fast-paced, fascinating, and sharply funny look at the inner workings of network television, the people whose lives it consumes, and the lengths they'll go to achieve success - their star time - that will hold readers enthralled and delighted until the very last word.​
Star Time is fast-paced, sexy and great fun! I couldn't put it down. Anybody who knows what goes on behind the scenes in either television news or 
entertainment will find Joseph Amiel right on the button. 

~Mariette Hartley, 
Former Co-Host of the CBS Morning Program 
and author of Breaking the Silence
​Star Time takes the reader on an authentic and exciting adventure inside the business - and the pleasures - of television. It's a novel that's hard to put down, and once you finish it, you'll never look at a news program or sitcom the same way.
 ~Myron Kandel, Former Anchor and 
Financial Editor for CNN Financial News
This is the real world of television; the one the viewer never sees; the business-behind-the-box laid bare. Joseph Amiel has it all down; the executive knifeplay, the secret romances, the jarring battle of egos. at last, somebody writing about television has done his homework. 

~Jim Ryan, host of Good Day New York, 
Fox Television
Dear Reader,

Having been a lawyer and executive in the entertainment industry, I wanted to bring readers inside the world of network television to reveal the ambitions, hopes, and treacheries of everyone from top executives seeking to climb to top of the company to producers and writers desperate to get their shows on the air. As serious as so many of these situations were, many were also wildly funny to an objective observer, and I tried to depict those with the kind of searing humor I hoped would allow the reader to enjoy both sides of this very human comedy.

Joseph Amiel
New York, NY